About the Sreenivasa Group: Kochi and Thrissur

September 18, 2012 Jewellery

 Sreenivasa Group is Kerala’s premium destination for original pearls and other star-studded jewellery collections from  Hyderabad. Serving South India for more 7 decades, the Sreenivasa Group would soon celebrate its Diamong Jubilee- a celebration that marks quality and tradition.

Sreenivasa Group was founded by Shri KVK Naidu and his vision is carried on to this day by his sons, Ramesh Babu and Sreenivasa Rao.

Launching it's first jewellery retail showroom in Thrissur in 2000, the Sreenivasa Group has a total of 5 showrooms in Kerala; 2 in Kochi (Abad Nucleus Mall and Gold Souk Grande) and 3 in Thrissur( Thrissur City Centre and Big Bazaaar), taking the total tally to 5 showrooms

To know about special offers at the Sreenivasa Group showrooms in Thrissur and Kochi, contact:

Email: info@sreenivasapearls.com

Phn#: +91 9895990678

 To know where Sreenivasa group is set up in Kerala jump to our “Where is Sreenivasa Pearls in Kerala” Section


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