Diabetacare Launches Diabetic Foot Clinic in Cochin, Offering Comprehensive Foot Care for People Living with Diabetes

May 27, 2016New in Town

Leading 360-degree diabetes management solution provider, Dibetacare, launched a specialized Diabetic Food Clinic in the city on 27th May, 2016 at 11.00am. The inauguration was done by Prof. Satyan Rajbhandari, Consultant Diabetologist at Lancashire Teaching Hospital and Group Medical Director of Diabetacare. The focus of Diabetacare is on helping people living with diabetes prevent and manage foot-related compilations that arise due to nerve damage (neuropathy) in the feet. Neuropathy increases the risk of minor wounds developing into infections, and foot ulcers that can sometimes turn gangrenous, even leading to amputations, if unattended.

The Diabetic foot clinic is a part of Diabetacare’s existing Experience Centre at Cochin. The Experience Centre is a destination for effective diabetes management and education for people living with diabetes, as well as their caregivers. However, the Foot Clinic is open to all.

The team’s focus will be on prevention, through education, using mobile technology, in-clinic advice, and on-ground community activity. The need for regular screening, appropriate footwear, and the right foot care will all be topics that the team will focus on. The aim is to prevent complications and detect damage early, so that steps can be taken to treat a problem in its preliminary stages.

“Uncontrolled diabetes over time can affect the nerves and blood vessels in the feet. Nerve damage can cause loss of sensation, and damage to blood vessels cuts lower oxygen supply to the feet, leading to non-healing wounds. Many people with diabetes lose sensation in their feet and often fail to recognize injuries or skin sores that may develop into infected ulcers. It is often difficult to treat such skin sores, which in some people may lead to gangrene and necessitate amputation to save a life. Screening the feet regularly for injuries and taking appropriate measures to prevent the same is very important for people with diabetes. Our Diabetes Foot Clinic in Cochin not only intends to provide comprehensive foot management to diabetics but also educate patients about possible compilations of diabetes,” said Prof Satyan Rajbhandari. 

The Diabetic Foot Clinic will give personalized care to people, customizing footwear and insoles, prescribing exercises that cause minimal injury, and advising on foot and nail care. In addition, wound care and minor surgical procedures will form a part of their services. 

Diabetic foot is growing concern when seen from the perspective that in India 69.2 million people live with diabetes, as per the World Health Organization. Since the disease occurs 10 years before other populations, a number of young people with an active lifestyle may be affected. Diabetacare aims to stem this unfortunate development.

When to Consult a Foot Specialist?

  • Routinely once a year
  • If a person has symptoms like numbness, a tingling sensation in the foot, pain in the calf muscles
  • Any injury in the foot, including insertion of a foreign body
  • Dryness in the skin, calluses and corns in the foot
  • Deformity of the nail

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