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Thomson Wood Plank


  • Western Red Cedar (Official tree of the province of british Colombia ) and is famous for its natural decay resistance and naturally seasoned due to its 100 + years of life in the forest.
  • The largest living tree in Canada is lighter in weight, naturally grained sanded and polished to make this beautiful wood plank for Wall, Falce-ceiling and exterior applications.
  • It’s dimensionally stable, good machining qualities, and can even glue easly. Main Applications: Exterior cladding, building facia, weather boarding, green house, fence, Shingles, Sauna panneling, Outdoor decking and furniture.
  • Available in 5.5 " width   and 8' and 10' lengths and in 15 mm thick. Sanded and Natural finished (Rs 175/ rft) & Sanded and Polished. Other sizes on MOQ. Main attraction is the price and its elegant looks and its Outdoor features.

Category : Interior Design > Residential > Paint & Wall Coverings

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