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MARBOPAN for Partition and Wall


  • MARBOPAN is made up of virgin quality UPVC Resin with high glossy Marble surface finish to substitute Marble and Granite sheets can be used as wall cladding,partition and for ceiling.
  • High Impact strength of this sheet feels like solid and the high glossy surface will not scratch easily. MARBOPAN is easy to install and economical when compared to Original Marble and is available in different natural shades.
  • Matching decorative cornice   and joiners are available. This hollow panel is available in 1m width x 10mm thick x 8 feet length.Length can be changed as per the requirement on   MOQ.
  • Main Features:Original Look,Lot of applications & Economical. Use: Particle board/ Partition/ Water  Proof/ wall cladding.

Category : Interior Design > Residential > Ceiling Designs

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