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Multiwood 3D Embossed Panel


  • 5mm UPVC Extruded profile (Multiwood) is molded to different embossed shapes to make the designer sheets.This is produced in heated design mould as per the specified model.The pure white glossy surface molded sheets are strong enough to withstand heavy impacts on its surface.
  • It is more rigid and strong enough to paste directly on the wall and ceiling even without finishing the surface. Any auto coat or florescent spray paint can be applied to suit the interiors and to chooset 25+ designs. 

  • This 3D panel has got the sound acoustic features due to its molded surface.The 3D effect sheets can be used inside home theatre,cinema halls & conference halls for the acoustic purpose.

  • The other applications are in Bedroom walls, Reception walls, corridors, wall ceiling etc. 100% waterproof, Can paste directly to the wall, Cheaper solution for wall decor.
  • Size: 8’ x 4’ 
  • Material: UPVC Resin Form:Molded Extruded Polymer Profile

Category : Interior Design > Commercial > Multiwood

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